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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Perks of Serving in a Young Single Adult Ward

I've served in family wards for most of my mission. I LOVE family wards. They are wonderful. But about 6 weeks ago, I was transferred into a YSA ward.

What is a YSA? Let me tell you.

A YSA is a "young single adult" who is between the ages of 18-31, not married, has no children, and is AWESOME.

Serving in one of these wards is very fun, and I really love learning from all of these people. They are around my age, and going through a lot of the same things as me, so they are easy to love, and easy to laugh with. Let me tell you a funny story about an experience that I had with some of my favorite YSA's this past week. I think this will help you understand what I'm talking about.

Ok, so, this really cool kid in our ward signed up to feed us (we love it when our members feed us! It's the best part of our day).

During dinner, the fact that I am gluten intolerant came up into the discussion. One of the roommates that was in the kitchen asked "What happens when you eat it?"

I replied jokingly "I don't want to talk about it!"

Then, with no hesitation, the kid who was feeding us yelled "SHE TOOTS!"

This is why I love being a YSA missionary. There really is never a dull moment.

President Hinckley once said "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." Serving in this area has helped me to slow down, and enjoy making memories and friends. Guys, life is SO good! Laugh a little. Enjoy the people around you. Heavenly Father wants us to have joy! We are a part of His "divine plan of happiness".

I know that His plan is real, and that we have a purpose here. He really does know us, and has so much in store for us. I am happy with the things He has given me- even the trials. I love my life, and I especially love the people in it. You guys are pretty cool.


Sister Snyder

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