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Friday, February 14, 2014

What To Do If You Lose Your Name Tag

When you go on a mission, you get to wear this nice name tag. You put it on everyday so that others around you recognize you as a missionary. It has your name, and it also has the name of the church on it. This is my name tag:

I love my name tag, and I love everything that it stands for. One thing that I do not like about my name tag is that I have the ability to take it off, set it down somewhere, and lose it. This morning, as we were heading out, I realized that I didn't have my tag on, so I proceeded to grab it from it's designated spot on my dresser, and I realized it wasn't there. If you ever lose your name tag, or anything else of great worth to you, I recommend that you follow the same steps that I followed this morning:

1. Pray.

2. Look for it on the shirt that you wore yesterday. (Good luck remembering what you wore yesterday)

3. Tear apart your whole room.

4. Ask the household cat if maybe she has seen it.

5. Pray again.

6. Start crying. (on the inside, not on the outside)

7. Admit defeat, and wear your companion's extra tag.

Guys, lesson is: Don't let the small things bother you. I'm sure I will find my tag at some point, but until then, I will have fun having the same name as my companion.


Sister Snyder ;)

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